The reed brands reviewed were examined for many different attributes. They were measured for consistancy of cane density, cut of the blank, and cut of the vamp. They were then played through a typical break-in process to assess general playability and consistancy within a single box. Finally, they were adjusted using many of the techniques described in the tutorial section of this site to identify specific methods for tweaking individual brands.

Select a reed brand below:


1 Response to “Reed Reviews”

  1. 1 John Gibson May 20, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Hi Blake – John from Vanc. Sym here. Nice site! Just happened upon your post in the clarinet bulletin board and saw your link.

    I use Zonda reeds with success, but it seems like it is not a very popular reed with others. Could you do a review like you did for the Vandoran?

    John Gibson

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