The tip area of the reed is defined for the purpose of this study as the region, approximately .5mm wide, spanning between the corners and along the curved shape cut at the thinnest edge. Although a sampling of various reeds showed that there is potential variance across this entire region, it seemed sufficient to take measurements at two specific points: the geometrical center point of the tip, and left corner (see figure below)

Tip thickness had a surprisingly large range of values. The maximum value of 7.5 (.001”) is three times larger than the lowest value of 2.5.  In addition, many correlations are apparent between tip thickness and other measurements, confirming the importance of this region in design considerations. However, 45% of the samples measured were 4 thousandths of an inch thick.

The thickness measurements of tips at the rail share similar ranges and means to those at the center.

Blank Thickness Data Ranges (in .001″)
Overall range Min 2.5 Max 7.5
Thin 2.5 3.5
Medium 3.6 4.5
Thick 4.6 7.5

Averages for each brand based on entire box of reeds, in several strengths. Range of data based on the measuments of over 350 individual reeds.



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