Profile IV Definitions
Blank thickness Average
Width of blank Average
Vamp length Average
Tip thickness Average
Curve shape Moderate


Profile IV is the middle-ground in every respect. If you are looking for the “average” reed, this is it. Perhaps a compromise for players who play in a variety of different styles and situations, these reeds are the Swiss-Army knife of the clarinet reed world. Due to the combination of a moderate curve shape and blank thickness, there is typically plenty of wood in the heart area of the reed while not being excessively woody in the shoulders. Expect an even response from the lowest range through the clarion registers, with some weakness in the altissimo.

Brands Using Profile IV

  • Grand Concert Traditional
  • Marca


These reeds are a good place to start practicing your reed scrapping skills, as they do not exhibit extremes of design philosophy (note that profile III reeds are the most difficult to work with). Try a variety of break-in routines to see their overall affects without worrying about over warping and sanding. Usually, these reeds only need some balancing in the heart area, so start there and work out. To gain prominence in the altissimo, try clipping, slightly, and thinning the tip area.



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