Blank thickness Thick
Width of blank Wide
Vamp length Average to Long
Tip thickness Varies
Curve shape Varies

Brands using profile II

  • Rico Reserve
  • Vandoren V-12
  • Canyes Xilema Artesana

Overview: The design of profile II is built around the concept of a thick, wide blank with an average to long vamp length. Besides these commonalities, each brand seems to take their own direction with the concept. Rico Reserve, for instance, has an average tip thickness, but a very straight cut up the vamp. Vandoren V-12’s on the other hand, have a thin tip and a severe curve, and will have somewhat different tendencies. However, all brands using profile II will have softer on the flat side thanks to the thick blanks and a lot of wood in the shoulder areas, giving the player a more mellow response when compared to profile I.

Recommendations: The thick soft cane may be highly susceptible to warping on the flat side of the reed. This is okay since there is enough wood left in the blank for sanding. Because of this, give extra time to breaking in the reed, use regular brief soakings, and expect to sand the flat side several times during this process. A profile II reed will change greatly during this initial period, so be patient with stuffy or hard reeds until they stop warping, and avoid working with the vamp until the wood stabilizes. Once broken in, these reed’s thick shoulders may need adjusting to even out the low range. If you are working on a thin-tipped brand, such as V-12, most of the work you will need to do will be near the shoulders with minimal and careful balancing. A thicker tipped brand (Artesana or Rico Reserve) will be able to withstand more work around the tip. But be careful! The cane in this area is especially soft.



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