Design and Research -> Profiles -> Profile I

Blank thickness Thin
Width of blank Average
Vamp length Short
Tip thickness Average
Curve shape Moderate


Brands using profile I

  • Rico “Orange Box”
  • Rico Royal
  • La Voz
  • Vandoren Traditional
  • Mitchell Lurie


Overview: This is the only profile designed around a thin blanked reed, however, it is the most common style of reed included in the study. Tip thickness is right around the average mark of .004” and the shape of the center-line curve is moderate. These two factors combined with a short vamp and thin blank mean that there is little wood in the shoulder areas of the reed. For this reason, reeds with this profile will likely be easy to play with a full sound in the lower registers, but a lack of wood in the heart may create problems in the high registers. The thin blank also contributes to reeds with this profile having some of the hardest cane.

Recommendations:  With the thinness of the blank, you will have little leeway with sanding the flat side of the blank. Take great care in preventing warping by using good storage techniques and not over soaking in the breaking-in process. The short but moderately curved vamp will compress the areas you will be able to scrape along the length of the reed, so take very short strokes with your knife or reed tool of choice and avoid clipping. An average width should give you room to move the tool in from the rails without worrying too much about taking off the spine, but be conservative. Your best bet is to thin the tip out very slightly and do some basic balancing. With such hard cane, a thinner tip may work out well, so give it a try.




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